More than an audiovisual production company, we are an audiovisual agency

Do you need to captivate and excite your audience? If you produce your video with Maia Films, an audiovisual production company in Lima-Peru, we will create an original story with you, that moves you first, and then captivates your audience. Because only when you connect through emotion will the people in your audience become customers.

How do we do it? Producing: institutional videos, corporate videos, promotional videos, documentaries, advertising spots, explainer videos, motion graphics and animations.

Productora audiovisual

Our experience in video and animation at the service of your video project

We are a video production company, based in Lima Peru, that tells the stories of the rebels, the passionate ones, those who dare and are not happy with things the way they are and thus think, create and work to make a difference.

Since 2004, we have been working on different production projects for prestigious companies, renowned institutions and the government. Our greatest talent is translating our clients’ stories into images. Something that not all video and animation production companies can achieve.

For this reason, our videos and animations have transcended the Peruvian borders. Our audiovisual services are hired by clients from Brazil, the United States, Switzerland and China, among others. Thus, we are one of the leading audiovisual production companies, not only in Peru but also in Latin America.

While some dream of changing the world, we work with those who are changing it now.

Our services


A video for your web page, a testimonial video, a corporate video, we can produce whateve videor you need.


The best way to present a project, product or service is a 2D animation.


We have a staff of photographers who will translate your project into images.

Our Projects

As a video production company, we produce different formats: Corporate, documentary, animation, television, or radio spots. We have expertise in the generation of digital content. Here you can see the diversity of audiovisual projects that our video production company has made:


What is it like to work with an audiovisual project Maia Films? Our clients tell you about it here:

They are changing the world

Our clients from Peru and the world are very diverse, but they have something in common: they want to make this a better world.

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