Your video and animation team

Not only MAIA films has several years of experience in the Peruvian production market, each one of the members of our professional team brings his or her professional and personal background. We are highly motivated, intuitive ane openly creative.  

All this year of experience makes it possible for a video production company like MAIA Films to surprise its clients in each project, not only in Peru, but also in the rest of the world.

Our Team

Dante Luza


Claudia Aparicio

General Producer

Gean Pierre Chumpitaz

Editor and post producer

Our Allies

The success of a video production requires the combination of different specialties and sensitivities, therefore, we reach to friends and allies, talented professionals, whom we have gotten to know along the way:

Jair Guillén


Eva Mendoza

2D animator and artist

Wilder Pallarco

Illustrator and cartoonist

Larca Makeup

Makeup and characterization

Luis Cueva


Carolina Infante

Actress and voice over talent

Pablo Ruiz


Analí Espino

Illustrator and plastic artist

Julio López


Marco Garro

Photographer and drone operator

Urpi Gibbons

Actress and announcer

Adriel Pozo

Voice over talent

David Hermoza


Adrián Portugal


Carlos Cuya

Production sound mixer

Carlita Dávila


Adriano Moreno


Toño Vera


Yuri Hinojosa

Boom Operator

Ricardo Reátegui

Journalist and anthropologist

What makes us stand out

Unlike other video production companies and advertising agencias that have specialized in selling the products of a brand, we, the MAIA films team, tell ourselves apart because we know how to communicate the motivations behind the companies or institutions that we produce videos for.

This is why our video and animation productions generate a greater impact. On active social media channels, the stories we tell for our clients may get thousands of views.

And we achieve this because rather than selling the what, we know how to communicate the why.

Curious Facts

Since 2004, we have traveled the audiovisual world accumulating a lot of experience in video and animation

+ 480
+ 180
Satisfied Clients
+ 10
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