Use simple and clear language for your videos.

Dante Luza

15 de July, 2022

How can you improve your corporate video? The first thing you need to know is that the script is key in order for your video to be successful. That is why you should ask the screenwriter in the video production company to keep it simple and by all means avoid the use of elaborate or technical jargon.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, let’s see what is to keep it simple when you are writing the script for your video. The sentence for a script should be short, always. Thus, we would communicate our message in small chunks of information and in a progresive manner. Try to avoid long and complex sentences. Leave that for academic texts, not for your videos. Long sentences may cause the viewer to lose interest in our corporate video.

You need to use simple and easy to understand language. When I say simple and easy to understand I want you to think in the audience you’re trying to reach. They are the public, not you or your peers. This is one the biggest mistakes corporate videos have. Forget about technical words or those words that only professionals in your field would understand. Don’t justify yourself saying to yourself: “it is a technical term”. Moreover, if your audience is familiar with a word you don’t consider correct, but is widely used, use that word. Do not try to impose your “technical word” because the only thing you will accomplish is to make your message less appealing. Think always of the people you are talking to.

Remember to use less complex sentences and simple words and you will communicate your message clearly and thus improve your corporate video and communication. In the next posts, we will talk about how to define your target audience and the ideal duration for your videos according to the platform you use.

Ya sabes, comunícate en lenguaje sencillo, ¡siempre!

Dante Luza, Director of MAIA films video production company based in Lima, Perú since 2004.


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